Monday, June 22, 2009

Council inaction encourages environmental abuse at Cowley Beach

When I started this blog I wanted to focus on Ella Bay and Bramston Beach but I have since realised that conservation issues in the coastal wet tropics of Australia are all interrelated and so will sometimes do stories on nearby beaches such as Mission Beach and Cowley beach.

I will remain focused on Ella Bay however the sad situation at Cowley Beach is a warning that can not be ignored.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joov the Fringe Dweller on "I and the Bird"

The Cassowary and Ella Bay is on this week's "I and the Bird" carnival!

This week's edition is hosted by Amber Coakley on the Birder's Lounge. Amber has created a fantastic world-wide adventure for this 102th edition of the Carnival!

Amber says "To give you an idea of where-in-the-world our contributors and their birdy-encounters are coming from, I’ve shown a map representing each post. Each map attempts to show you the general location of the birds discussed, and includes an overview map so that you can see which continent you are virtually visiting. Just click on each map and you will be transported to each exciting place around the globe."

Amber has generously included Liz Gallie's moving entry Joov the Fringe Dweller on this blog and says "My heart goes out to these amazing birds and their struggle to survive as the urban sprawl takes it toll."

Thank you Amber!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Recently I received a letter from Liz Gallie a member of cassowary conservation group C4. It highlighted the dangers posed to endangered southern cassowaries by fences around urban developments.

This is of particular interest to me as developer Satori is suggesting within their Ella Bay proposal that roadside fencing be established to funnel cassowaries toward road crossing points. I strongly oppose this as it may funnel birds from neighbouring territories into the same area with the potential for territorial fighting. Fencing could isolate cassowaries from important seasonal foods such as white apples Syzygium forte which grow to the East of the Ella Bay access road. Fencing can also physically separate adults and juveniles leading to stress, injury or death.

As the following letter and images clearly illustrate fencing is no friend to our cassowaries and is not the solution to keeping them safe. Thankyou Liz, Karen and C4 and with no further words from me here’s the story ...

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