Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cassowaries on ABC 26 July (Sun) 7.30pm

I have been that busy photographing and writing about Ella Bay’s Indo-pacific humpback dolphins that I forgot to give you all a decent “heads up” about a cassowary documentary which is making its debut on the ABC 1.

It’s a documentary by Bianca Keeley called CASSOWARIES which I thought was a great title!

From what I can find out it is about cassowaries at Mission Beach post cyclone Larry.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ella Bay's Humpback dolphins enchant local media

I have been interviewed in some fairly interesting places at times. In the middle of nowhere next to an armoured personnel carrier, next to a burnt out building on a sidewalk but inside Supercheap Auto, Innisfail whilst seated on a 10 litre oil can was a whole new experience. I’m sure some people wondered who that crazy guy was, waving one hand round in the air whilst talking into his mobile phone at a million miles an hour about these fascinating creatures!

Then again I have an excuse as I was talking to intelligent and highly regarded Cairns Post journalist Ms Julie Lightfoot. Recently I have been very impressed at her stories about Cowley Beach and Liz Gallie’s amazing Quoll find at Mission Beach. Her stories have often made the purchase of this local newspaper feel like good value!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ella Bay Indo-pacific dolphins in the news!

Well it seems I'm back talking about Indo-pacific dolphins again which isn't so bad!

On Wednesday I received a phone call from Townsville Bulletin journalist Daniel Bateman who was almost as excited about Ella Bay's Indo-pacific humpback dolphins as I am! So I did my best to fill in the gaps for Daniel and I certainly can't complain about the story he wrote.

There's a certain something about these playful cetaceans that touches us all and I believe if our own species had chosen the ocean instead of good old terra firma we would probably have evolved to be just like them. Every year scientists spend billions of dollars attempting to communicate with intelligent life in outer space yet these amazing intelligent creatures are living right on our own doorstep.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ella Bay...More Indo-pacific dolphin sightings!

Ok I am now onto my third and fourth dolphin sighting at Ella Bay.

The third sighting was on the fourth of July and was pretty uninspiring to be honest!!
I was at the Heath Point picnic ground when a single Indo-pacific humpback dolphin decided to zoom past on its way to Ella Bay to the north.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two sightings of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins at Ella Bay

It’s been a busy time lately and I have been a bit lax about blogging about Ella Bay itself but today I will make amends!

On Monday 29 June and Tuesday 30 June 2009 I had the most awesome dolphin sightings at Ella Bay that anyone could wish for!
It all began on the Monday when I stepped out of my car at the council car park and an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin leapt out of the water directly in front of my vehicle. I hot footed it to the shore with camera in hand so fast I had to race back after a couple of minutes of photos to lock my car and turn the engine off!

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