Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Vibes for Ella Bay

With a line up of Townsville’s most inspiring bands, there was no better way to share Marine Wildlife Australia’s first ever fundraiser for a cause more than worthy.

The venue was extraordinary as expected, Martas Café and Art Gallery was the perfect setting - their hospitality and support is greatly appreciated by all involved.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ella Bay's Cassowaries on "I and the Bird"

The Cassowary and Ella Bay is on this week's "I and the Bird" carnival!

This week's edition is hosted by Nick Sly on his Biological Ramblings. Nick says "One of the things I love is the diversity itself, so I set about in this, the 98th edition of I and the Bird, to quantify just how many avian species and families we can pack into one biweekly blog carnival. And man, you guys did not make mine an easy job! Bird bloggers submitted an impressive total of 190 species of birds spanning 65 families and 142 genera."

Nick has generously included the Forest Gardeners on this blog as "the only ratite bird for the carnival, and the most fearsome one at that".

Thank you Nick!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 Apr (Fri): "Live for Ella Bay Rainforest"

Martas Art Gallery presents "LIVE FOR ELLA BAY RAINFOREST".

Marine Wildlife Australia, Martas Art Gallery and The Bandawalla Moons have teamed up help save Ella Bay rainforest.

Ella Bay receives overwhelming support at MWA Bluesfest event

Representatives from Marine Wildlife Australia have just returned from the Byron Bluesfest where they had to endure sleep deprivation, dancing and some of the best music on the planet over a period of several days!

Yesterday I received an email from Cassandra, a MWA volunteer that started like this ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ella Bay in the news: Marine conservationists call for government to stop resort development at Ella Bay

Marine conservationists call for government to stop resort development at Ella Bay
ABC News 16 Apr 09

Conservationists fighting to protect marine turtles in Ella Bay continue to object to a multi-billion dollar urban development that would potentially disrupt wildlife in a World Heritage National Park.

Two months ago the discovery of nearly fifty marine turtles' nesting sites in and around Ella Bay raised concerns among environmental organisations.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Southern Cassowary - Death by 1,000 cuts

Hello again readers. This story begins with a warning and I need you to read this.

The following story contains graphic pictures of dead and injured southern cassowaries. The images are not pretty but then again neither is the future for the cassowaries if our Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett AM MP neglects his legal and moral duty to protect these endangered birds at Ella Bay. This article looks at the reality of the situation facing these endangered birds, a reality many developers and perhaps the government would prefer you to remain ignorant of.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marine Wildlife Australia and marine mammals of Ella Bay

Gifted marine biologist, Blanche Danastas from Marine Wildlife Australia has frequently expressed her grave concern for the marine life at Ella Bay. Not just the turtles but also dugong and dolphin species. She has recently been awarded sponsorship by Vodafone to support her work to protect Australia’s threatened marine mammals especially our only native dolphin the snubfin dolphin whose territory includes Ella bay.
Snubfin dolphin (Photo by Dr Guido Parra)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cassowary family torn apart by dog attack, by Liz Gallie

Foreword by Russ

Recently I have been fortunate enough to illustrate my blog with photos provided by Mission Beach artist and cassowary campaigner Liz Gallie. Liz and other members of C4 (Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation) work tirelessly not only to protect our regions remaining endangered cassowaries but also to halt the destruction of this birds rapidly disappearing habitat. This very moment urban developments and resorts continue encroaching onto diminishing cassowary habitat. Liz has generously allowed me to share one of her recent articles with you and I’m sure some of you will recognize the birds from my recent posts.

Through emails and amazing photographs I have become familiar with the cassowary family Liz has described within her article. I am upset to hear the news and sadly the events Liz describes are not uncommon in this part of Australia. Our own home is only just seeing the return of a cassowary after a years work to destroy a pack of at least 8 wild dogs.

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