Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ella Bay receives overwhelming support at MWA Bluesfest event

Representatives from Marine Wildlife Australia have just returned from the Byron Bluesfest where they had to endure sleep deprivation, dancing and some of the best music on the planet over a period of several days!

Yesterday I received an email from Cassandra, a MWA volunteer that started like this ...

Hi Russ,

We have just returned from a painstakingly amazing Bluesfest ... let me assure you that every single person I spoke to (around 400) was outraged and devastated at the proposed Ella Bay development and signed a letter to Garrett expressing so.

Well that was great news, I would be lucky to talk to 400 people in a year! The energy and dedication displayed by marine biologist Blanche Danastas and her team is inspiring to say the least. They’ve only just returned from the Bluesfest and have already organized a fundraiser in Townsville tonight for the MWA Ella Bay campaign.

I must be getting old as my idea of a recovery period after the Byron Bluesfest would be intensive sleep therapy coupled with some fairly major rest and relaxation.

I wish MWA a successful night and thank them for their work to protect this special habitat and the many unique species that call Ella Bay home.


  1. No worries Russ.....

    Thank you for helping us with photos and info to make this all happen in such spectacular fashion down at the Byron Bay Bluesfest.... it was my pleasure to be involved...


  2. your very welcome Cass....

    You are such an intelligent and motivated group at MWA, I should be the one doing the thanking!

    Have a great fundraiser tonight !

    cheers Russ


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