Thursday, February 25, 2010

No fishing zones on Great Barrier Reef have benefited the overall health and resilience of this marine ecosystem

A few months ago I stated my support for a Coral Sea Heritage Park and although I would like to see more powerful bans on oil exploration within this proposed park my opinion has not changed.

Of course you can read the original story ‘Coral Sea Heritage Park - Great news for recreational fisherman!’

Well a bit closer to home than the Coral Sea is the Great Barrier Reef and scientists have recently reported on the reefs protected zones and the report card is good!

Cairns Post journalist Julie Lightfoot drew my attention to this report in her story ‘Plenty of fish in no-go zone seas’ on 25 February 2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cassowary Scat/Tracks on the Beach in Front of Proposed Ella Bay Resort Complex/Urban Development

On Sunday 7 February 2010 I decided to go for a beach walk at Ella Bay.
I knew that both Barra Creek and Biggerabarra Creek had broken out to the sea and would block my travel but at the end of the day a short walk is better than no walk at all.

Being cut off from the northern end of the beach was not a problem a few days later when I brought the sea kayak along!

I’m glad I decided to make this trip as I was well rewarded for my enthusiasm as you will soon see.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Original Ella Bay Property Developer Warren Witt in Liquidation and Banned from Industry…Reports the Cairns Post

Talented Cairns Post journalist, Julie Lightfoot has beaten me to the punch once again with this story about disgraced original Ella Bay property developer Mr Warren Witt!
Click on image for larger view

This story is also available on line.

Of course Mr Witt is the property developer who launched the proposed Ella Bay resort complex/urban development and is therefore of some interest to me.

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