Thursday, February 4, 2010

Original Ella Bay Property Developer Warren Witt in Liquidation and Banned from Industry…Reports the Cairns Post

Talented Cairns Post journalist, Julie Lightfoot has beaten me to the punch once again with this story about disgraced original Ella Bay property developer Mr Warren Witt!
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This story is also available on line.

Of course Mr Witt is the property developer who launched the proposed Ella Bay resort complex/urban development and is therefore of some interest to me.

Obviously Ella Bay is still pretty popular with the Witt Property group as their web site still maintains references to the Bay despite it leaving their ownership in 2008

Reading the story it would indeed appear that Mr Witt has left a trail of destruction and is definitely not in the good books of the Building Services Authority.

You can guess how I feel about this matter so I will refrain from passing comment.

The photograph of Warren Witt and Janet Homes a Court is far older than 2008 as claimed.

They are walking on the beach at Ella Bay and I believe the photo was taken on 22 September 2006. I’m sure this must be an error by Julie’s sub editors as she keeps her work pretty tight.

There is another interesting party that has been cropped out of the photo and that is Mr Desmond Brookes an architect, friend, employee and later employer of disgraced property developer, the late Mr Christopher Skase. Mr Brookes employed Mr Skase whilst Skase hid from Australian extradition in Majorca.

Don’t take my word for it as the ABC and the Sydney Morning Herald have both reported that connection.

You can check out the original photo here.

Check out the white suit complete with white shoes……niiiiiice!

I think Warren Witt must have left his own white shoes in the car park!

Perhaps Mr Brookes was Auditioning for a lead role in a new series of Fantasy Island after the photo shoot?

Fantasy Island from Wikipedia

This is the man placed in charge of designing an environmentally friendly/sensitive resort complex at Ella Bay???

And of course the other person in the photo is Janet Holmes a Court. At the time of the photograph she was Chairlady of John Holland Group who were partners in the Ella Bay proposal.

On 23 September 2006 the Australian used one of the same set of photos in a story titled “Clean Sheet for Holmes a Court’s Eco-Dream”.
Dream is an interesting word as it has so many meanings

Here are some that I feel are appropriate in relation to the Holmes a Court story.
Imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; "She lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"

A state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality; "he went about his work as if in a dream"

A fantasy

A fantastic but vain hope
What is my dream?

That Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett AM MP uses his legal powers to protect Ella Bay from the proposed resort complex/urban development (with a population approaching 5000 people) that Ella Bay Pty Ltd has demanded.

My definition for the word dream in this regard?

A cherished desire!

Cheers Russ

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