Sunday, January 31, 2010

Veteran Cassowary Conservationist Margaret Thorsborne Nominates Southern Cassowary for Father of the Year Award!

Sometimes newspapers print some real tripe!

Today in our local paper I noticed a page 2 headline “Stolen council barrow found at Cardwell jetty” and near wet my pants in excitement!

Fortunately the day was saved by another paper, the Townsville Bulletin, which published this great public interest story! “Let’s hear it for doting dad” by journalist John Andersen is a pearl in an ocean of average today!

(Click on image for larger view)

Definitely worth a read and I’m not even going to comment as this fine lady has covered most of the bases. My sincere thanks to you Ms Thorsborne and your feathered visitor has my vote for sure!

Great work from the Townsville Bulletin (obviously they don’t suffer from a blight of wheelbarrow thieves down that way). This newspaper has frequently put out decent environment/public interest stories that have gained my attention.

As for the local wheelbarrow story….it is having a close encounter with some vegetable scraps before going on a fascinating journey to the compost bin!

Perhaps the compost will feed a tree that feeds a cassowary on the property….now that would be great recycling.

Cheers Russ

Before I forget credit to Liz Gallie from cassowary conservation group C4 for the awesome cassowary family photos!


  1. What a wonderful lady! Such a clever idea to raise awareness of these amazing birds, and it's great to see it picked up in a local paper. Surely the story is interesting and different enough to warrant an article in a larger paper too.

  2. I agree 100% and thank you for your comment Lynds.
    When it comes to sole parenting male cassowaries are brilliant. As I said, they have my vote!

  3. Thanks Dave, I must say that journalist John Andersen did some good work tracking down this wonderful lady.
    When you Google search "Margaret Thorsborne" you can see why she is so highly respected for her conservation work.


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