Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ella Bay's Cassowaries on "I and the Bird"

The Cassowary and Ella Bay is on this week's "I and the Bird" carnival!

This week's edition is hosted by Nick Sly on his Biological Ramblings. Nick says "One of the things I love is the diversity itself, so I set about in this, the 98th edition of I and the Bird, to quantify just how many avian species and families we can pack into one biweekly blog carnival. And man, you guys did not make mine an easy job! Bird bloggers submitted an impressive total of 190 species of birds spanning 65 families and 142 genera."

Nick has generously included the Forest Gardeners on this blog as "the only ratite bird for the carnival, and the most fearsome one at that".

Thank you Nick!

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