Monday, July 13, 2009

Ella Bay...More Indo-pacific dolphin sightings!

Ok I am now onto my third and fourth dolphin sighting at Ella Bay.

The third sighting was on the fourth of July and was pretty uninspiring to be honest!!
I was at the Heath Point picnic ground when a single Indo-pacific humpback dolphin decided to zoom past on its way to Ella Bay to the north.

All I got was a single dorsal fin shot much to the amusement of a solitary fisherman who was trying not to fall over laughing at my rock hopping antics.
A couple of days later I saw a professional gill netter laying out gill nets in exactly the same area the dolphin had travelled. Unfortunately gill nets and shark nets pose a significant threat to Australian coastal dolphins like the Indo-pacific humpbacks and annually many die a slow and terrifying drowning death within these nets.

Well that’s not much of a story really so I will give you a sneak preview of my fourth Indo-pacific dolphin sighting on 6 July 2009. This is just a sneaky peek as this day is a whole story in itself.
Up close dolphin action right in front of the proposed urban development/resorts site!

One of the highlights of the day was watching a white bellied sea eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster fishing with the dolphins!! Oh come now Russ your stretching it a little there aren’t you??? I can hear you protest!! Well check out the photos.
The land in the background is in the north end of the bay. These 3 photos were taken at 1 second intervals and the white speck up and to the right of the splash in the second photo is the sea eagle.
As you can guess I was pretty thrilled to witness such an amazing event. It was like watching the navy and the air force working together! You will be glad to know the eagle got a fish and I’m sure the humpback dolphins didn’t go hungry either!

I was going to save this little treat for my next story but you might want to check out my You Tube video of a pod of 5 dolphins feeding in front of the proposed urban development/resorts.
Please excuse my very average film work but to be honest it’s the first time I have made a movie with this camera! Check it out at YouTube.

Well that’s about enough excitement for one story and I will tell you a bit more about my fourth sighting later.

Cheers Russ


  1. Russel, it is we who are priveledged to have you in our midst. I believe that this compelling evidence will in part stop the unsustainable luxury resorts and golf course currently planned for this fragile region.

  2. These are beautiful, makes me jealous that you have such wonders at your doorstep!

    Stick the 18th where the sun ...



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