Monday, October 26, 2009

6 Nov (Fri) "The end of the line: Imagine a world without fish"

Well once again this is not the Cassowary Plum story I promised however it is something of interest especially to local people from the Cairns area!
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On Friday November 6 2009 CAFNEC and End Credits Film Club will present Cairns only screening of the movie "The end of the line" a film by Rupert Murray, narrated by Ted Danson.

I haven’t seen this movie yet so I can’t say what it’s like however I must say the trailer has aroused my interest. I have included it here to give you a bit of a taste!

Regarding a closely related subject, the Australian Federal Government has recently declared a large conservation zone within our Coral Sea. This is an interim measure, hopefully prior to providing this area with much more substantial protection. Many conservation groups such as CAFNEC, Queensland Conservation Council, Australian Marine Conservation Society, The PEW Charitable Trust, Project Aware Foundation and the Australian Conservation Foundation have thrown their weight behind establishing the world’s largest fully protected marine park in our very own Coral Sea.

One thing that I found interesting was the fact that two retired Australian Rear Admirals have joined the push. My respect goes to Vice Admiral (RTD) Chris Ritchie AO and Vice Admiral (RTD) David Shackleton AO. These two gentlemen have devoted a lifetime to the defence of our oceans and are now defending it as ambassadors for the Coral Sea.

Of course there’s a lot of complaining coming from groups hoping to continue exploiting this area but that’s only to be expected. I even noticed on a You tube site that someone was falsely saying that Barry the Maori Wrasse (the campaigns mascot) does not even live in the Coral Sea! I can assure you that Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) can be found around Osprey Reef which I can also assure you is in The Coral Sea! For some proof check out Shark Research or Diving on Osprey Reef.

…Speaking of Barry here he is!

Here’s a map of the proposed Coral Sea Heritage Park and as you can see it will be big! Then again large oceanic migratory species need large sanctuaries if they are to have a safe haven.
Click on image for a larger view.

Here's a bit of a short clip on marine reserves which you might enjoy too!

Well getting back to the original subject (THE MOVIE) I hope that if you are one of the many locals who watch the blog you can make it to the Cairns Civic Theatre to watch "The end of the line". My bet is it will be 10 bucks well spent!

Here’s the ticket link where you can book your tickets! Strewth I can’t make it any easier than that now can I??

Steve Ryan has shared this to make it even easier for you to sign the petition!

Cheers Russ

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