Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cassowary Chicks Lose Their Father…Reports the Innisfail Advocate

Our local paper, The Innisfail Advocate, has published a story about our latest cassowary road death at Mission Beach over the Queens birthday long weekend

Here is their article dated 16 6 2010:
Click on image for larger view

I wrote about this recent killing on 14 June 2010 and you can visit that story here.

I am very pleased that the Innisfail Advocate decided to run this story as this iconic bird is part of our community’s identity.

You could even say the Cassowary is our regions animal mascot.

It’s a special and unique creature just like the many unique and diverse peoples who mix together to create our wonderful Cassowary Coast community.

Our local council, the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, is even named after the big bird.

The CCRC logo cleverly incorporates the big birds head into its design.

It seems logical that any harm that comes to this amazing species in turn harms us as a community and a region.

Somehow “Extinct Cassowary Coast Regional Council” would not have the same ring to it!

Cassowaries have been and always will be important and newsworthy in this region.

I wish to express my thanks to the Innisfail Advocate for their story.

I would also like to thank Robert and Sue Tidey for allowing me to use their great image of a cassowary father and chicks. See Robert’s cassowary photos on Facebook if you have a spare moment. While you are there check out the Cassowary Casuarius Johnsonni Facebook page.

Our community deserves to be informed of the plight of our endangered southern cassowary…

12 June 2010 1 x adult male cassowary killed on Mission Beach Roads

10 May 2010 1 x adult female cassowary killed on Mission Beach Roads

20 Dec 2009 1 x adult female cassowary killed on Mission Beach Roads

16 Nov 2009 1 x adult female cassowary killed on Mission Beach Roads

Even if the news is far from good.

Cheers Russ


  1. We humans are so slow to learn! In my area there is a new development still being tried for and two new marinas proposed - and locals don't want any of them! I don't know why we have to put buildings and houses in all the best natural environments. Plus - our beach driving problems are even greater than yours!!

  2. Hi Mick
    Thank you for your comments. You have taken some fantastic photos on your blog and next time I get a challenging shore bird I know who to chase up!

    I am envious of your juvenile beach stone curlew sighting at
    I'm still hoping to see a juvenile up this way.

    It always amazes me the way a developer can chop up an area of high ecological value and then sell it as eco friendly! Makes one angry especially when it is commonwealth listed critically endangered littoral rainforest or vine forest!

    Re beach is a cancer on our shores and people have to learn that beaches are an ecosystem just like a mangrove swamp or a rainforest. Can't argue... your region's beach driving is atrocious and I pray our northern region never gets as badly infected with this vandalism as yours has.

    Thanks again Mick


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