Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ella Bay Mangroves

On the eastern side of the Ella Bay access road at the mouth of a creek you can find a beautiful small mangrove wetland.It is so close to the road that gravel from the road washes down to the water’s edge.

Gravel washed into mangroves from the road.

Standing in the mangroves looking at the road!

It is a cassowary habitat and Ella Bay’s endangered southern cassowary forages within this tranquil and primal setting. I have been lucky enough to walk in this place ...
Cassowary tracks in the mangroves.

and see their footprints preserved in the mud.

To get to this place Ella Bay cassowaries must cross the access road. Fortunately this road receives little use however, this will change if the Federal Environmental Minister Peter Garrett AM MP allows property developer Satori to ‘widen and improve’ this road as described in my “A road to cassowary extinction” story.

Currently this road links Ella Bay’s population of less than 10 people with the outside world. Satori wish to increase Ella Bay’s population to 5000 people and this road would remain as Ella Bay’s only link with the outside world. If this happens endangered southern cassowaries will be killed whilst crossing the road.

Minister Garrett has a choice:
Wilderness or highways,
Mangroves or drains.


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