Monday, May 18, 2009

Sea Turtles - a poem by Matilda Bishop

Sea Turtles

Swimming slowly, in the sea
This is where sea turtles can be
Swimming straightly up and down
Swimming, blending, to the ground
Bunch of jellies, swim together
Lightly, lightly like a feather
There goes one, there goes two
Then scares another like saying 'boo'
This is where we find turtles in the sea
This is where they be
They would like to stay
on earth like you
So help these animals
stay here, too!!

Matilda Bishop aged 10, loves Ella Bay as well turtles!

Ellie Bock, President of the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre forwarded this poem for sharing on the Ella Bay blog.

The gorgeous watercolour of the splendid sea turtle is by Kimberley Payard, a Far North Queensland artist whose love affair with the sea goes as far back as she can remember. For nearly two decades, she has lived and worked on the Great Barrier Reef as an adventure diver and professional underwater photographer. Her website is dedicated to restoring the balance of nature on our planet.

Thank you ladies for sharing these wonderful expressions of our beloved marine life!

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  1. What a gorgeous painting... I love turtles too!


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