Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cairns Post reports ‘Fears over beach 4WD’ at Cowley Beach

Once again Cairns Post journalist Julie Lightfoot has beaten other regional papers to the punch and reported on the dangerous and environmentally destructive situation at Cowley Beach in her story ‘Fears over beach 4WD’ published today in the Weekend Post. My respect to the Cairns Post for reporting local news for local readers.
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Recently I blogged about this mess at Cowley Beach in the story Cassowary Coast Regional Council’s mismanagement encourages dune damage at Cowley Beach.

I must admit my focus was more on the environment than safety though I take the safety issue very seriously.

Local people are concerned about safety at this beach and authorities have ignored frequent requests by local resident, Mr Richard Piper, for emergency response simulations /drills on the beach. Mr Piper has hit the nail on the head when he draws attention to the fact that school holidays will increase usage of the beach by both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

I believe this beach is an accident waiting to happen and council’s meetings, matrixes and discussions would be little comfort to a grieving parent if a child is maimed or killed on this beach when such an accident could be so easily avoided.

This may seem a little alarmist you may think. You might also think people don’t get hit by cars on Queensland beaches. Sadly you would be wrong on both counts. A little over month ago a woman was run over by a car whilst sunbathing on a Gold Coast beach by of all things a council maintenance vehicle!

The potential for litigation against council if such a tragedy occurred is very great especially considering many of these vehicles are unregistered and uninsured.

Interestingly Julie’s article was placed next to a delightful picture of a couple running along a pristine beach in an advertisement by Aveo
It’s a pity Cowley beach doesn’t look as good.
People aren’t blocking our roads with sandcastles so why are the Cassowary Coast Regional Council using our beaches as roads?

Cheers Russ


  1. i thought it was liverpool not maria creek they drive to know wonder people are confused..

  2. Well Spotted Scott! A road 'down' to Maria Creek (which is well over 10 kilometres away from the ramp) would mean crossing Liverpool Creek and putting a road through coastal land marked on government maps as national park/conservation tenure. I hope the Mayor, Bill Shannon, was just a little geographically confused and meant to say Liverpool Creek!

  3. Vehicle access prevention bollarding is a simple but effective means of preventing vehicle access if done properly.

  4. I agree Blanche.
    I would prefer Zero vehicle access but a track with proper bollards in place would certainly be better than the current coastal anarchy at Cowley Beach!


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