Thursday, November 26, 2009

Credit where credit is due!

Last wet season Ella Bay Pty Ltd had problems with runoff and silt flowing into the creeks and ocean as the following photos illustrate. It appears their silt traps were not up to the the flow off the hillsides can be awesome.
After all, this area does have one of the highest rainfalls in Australia.

This year it would appear Ella Bay Pty Ltd is attempting to reduce the flow of silt from the disturbed areas of the property.

I reported this in the story Earthworks at Ella Bay on 30 October 2009. You would recall in this story I was quite critical of the work being conducted at the beginning of the wet season (and I still am).
The good news is on 14 November 2009 I noticed the proponents had placed patches of turf on top of the exposed earth.

Good thing they didn’t use seed or after some recent heavy rainfall it would be somewhere near Green Island by now! All joking aside this is a good move and I thank the proponent for doing the right thing.

Here are some photos of the turf taken on 14 November 2009.
On the 20 November 2009 I again saw the turf
It was looking a bit sad but I have no doubt it will pick up and get going in the near future.

Whilst all this work is going on it would have been great if the damaged northern silt traps had been repaired. Recently this has failed as it did last season and allowed silt rich runoff to flow across the road to the beach and the sea.
Anyway perhaps I’m being greedy here and as I said, I am very happy that Ella Bay Pty Ltd has used turf to help stabilise their recent earthworks. Good work!

Cheers Russ

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