Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cairns Post reports….Mission Beach hit-run kills adult cassowary

Cairns Post journalist Julie Lightfoot certainly didn’t waste any time reporting the recent death of a mature Cassowary at Mission beach but then I would not expect anything less from the Cairns Post’s number one environment journalist!
It’s the same tragic killing I blogged about earlier.

However Julie is a much better wordsmith than me!

If you want to check out Julie’s story you can hop straight to it by clicking here.

Full Marks to the Cairns Post for giving this story the space it deserved.

The Innisfail advocate also ran a story titled “Car kills cassowary”
This 4 paragraph story focussed on a motorist who yelled “Get that bloody thing off the road” at tourists who were comforting the dying bird. It would have been nice to see our local Innisfail paper give this story more thorough attention but perhaps they had limited space. Anyway the Cairns Post story covered all the bases quite well.

Credit to the editors and staff of both papers for running this story.

Cheers Russ

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