Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jayden Dowdle helps marine turtle in distress

On 18 November 2009 whilst looking at “Letters to the Editor” (LTE) in the Cairns Post I stumbled upon this gem by Jayden Dowdle, age 13 of Kanimbla.

I have always enjoyed the Letters to the Editor (LTE) section of most newspapers. That’s where the real news is often to be found.

LTE can also be a war zone where opponents slug it out with words like an almighty gladiatorial duel. Sometimes LTE comments can be angry and aggressive.

Jayden Dowdle has shown us all that LTE can also be something much finer.

This is probably one of the most concise and interesting letters I have seen in ages and full marks to young Jayden!

1. Jayden saw a problem and did something about it. Jayden didn’t say “Hell this ain’t my job” or form a management committee or employ a consultant to analyse the severity of the situation. Jayden got the job done using nothing but plain old common sense.

2. Jayden analysed the incident and realised that there was a problem that would have future repercussions if nothing was done.

3. Jayden suggested ways in which the risk could be reduced and the problem avoided in the future.

Jayden if some of our policy makers and local council members had half the common sense and motivation that you have displayed, North Queensland, indeed Australia would be a better place for it.

I don’t know Jayden Dowdle, but if you do please give Jayden my regards and thanks for a job well done.

You’re a legend mate!

Cheers Russ

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